Chyrene McGough is a Home Schooled as well as Self Educated in her interests.

"Chyrene P McGough"

Cooking lunch together today, we were talking about the economy.  I told her that John Stewart had video clips of Sarah Palin and his Funny Slogan recently.  Chyrene will be 15 in June and these are two quotes with explanation from her “Words of Wisdom” that I wanted to share…

“Almost Every Problem Existing in the World Could Be Solved by Using Moderation.”


Quote by Chyrene P McGough
Well, not much to explain with this one.  The Definition of Moderation is:  n. freedom from excess

“One Rule and Millions of Choices…”

Quote by Chyrene P McGough

Pertaining to The Golden Rule… Sure there are millions of choices that we must make in life.  The choices become easier when the one rule if instilled in a situation…  One thing that all value is life.  “Do Unto Others as You Would Have them Do for You!”


In regards to all the laws that continuously being created to no end.  The chock chain keeps becoming more and more constricted, leaving you no choice but to submit.  We don’t need more laws and more complication.  I know I am tired of hearing, “I just too complicated and you wouldn’t understand.”  I UNDERSTAND AND IT’S NOT COMPLICATED…

I feel that Simplification is part of the solution.  It complicated because they made it that way and all filthy rich.  No you are not special because you can make all that money.  Most of the money was made by others misery and suffering in one way or another.  Fueled by Greed and Nothing More Matters than How many digits can your bank account accumulate.  We are not Numbers…  We are Living Beings who Deserve the Same as Everybody else.  Moderation comes when you start thinking about how you would feel if you were the person suffering or having to be without?  The parent who has to wonder how to feed their children…  Wow…  Anyone that has anything to do with the REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE…

Children are the Future and they will do what is Right for Humanity is what our three children have taught me.  They do hear what you are saying to them whether you think so or not, lol!  They see life differently than adults.  I as a Parent, has learned more from our three children than anything else.  Like video recordings of yourself, being and doing as they see.

Respect is Earned through Love and Kindness.  Respect has no age limits…  I have more respect for children than I do for adults at times.  I will show you respect if you do the same.  If not, then I will walk away or start asking a ton of questions to get the person thinking.  Would depend on the mood I was in, lol.   I am in the mood to say that if Sarah Palin does run for presidency…  I would love to have Chyrene and Sarah have a debate.  If Sarah Palin is able to Out smart Chyrene…  I may think for a split second about voting for her.  Okay, I will be nice (:

"Michelle Leinaala McGough"




Thank You for Reading This and I Appreciate Your Time!

I hope you have a fabulous day (:

This to me is the most important thing that can be spoken or written.  This has something for Men and Woman both to read,  Single or as Couple Together!  Regardless of what you feel or think, I would love for you to read what I have to say.  Sharing this with you brings great happiness to my heart!  A happiness that I pray all find within themselves that has always been there.

I Believe that Twin Flames are Pre-Destined!  Each person being brought into this world contains half of a whole.  The feeling like something is missing is felt because something is…to help you remember something of great importance.  Your Twin Flame Containing the Other Half of the Whole!  I also truly believe that you will find one another when you are meant to.  I feel that the moment your eyes meet or see this person; It will be unmistakable!  It won’t be because you were searching desperately for this person either.  It will be when you least expect it.

One day when you are following your path in life, happily…I emphasize Happily!  You are not alone because you haven’t found them yet… You have never been without your Twin Flame…They have been with you all along.  There is a connection that has always been between you.  Keep your chin up (: The feeling that something is missing is so that you will Know without a doubt by the way your soul feels that moment of finding one another…That is when the something is missing feeling no longer exists.  You feel a oneness!

1995 This picture was taken and we
were parents without knowing it yet!

Going about my life as a Freshman during Track Season, I had turned 14 earlier that month on March 8th.  It was nearly April and I was getting ready to practice High Jumping.  Walking to my starting position, I began to turn to face towards the high jump pit.  On my way around…Stopped in my tracks when I found myself in the eyes of this stranger.  I Loved him with every fiber of my being immediately!  Love at first site as the World around us faded blurry as if time stood still.

We never spoke a word and no names were known.  In a World where everything felt like there was something wrong, something missing, incomplete…In his eyes I felt safe, at ease and the core of me felt radiant.  Locked in this moment, our souls remembered each other.  There were no sounds that I recall hearing other than a voice inside my head.  This voice said, “He will always love you,” and “He will never do you wrong,” then “You Will Always be Together!”

I wonder if he remembers this moment and what he was thinking?  When we came back to reality, we both went on with what we were doing.  That night I told my mom, Sheila about him.  I am not sure if I knew his name yet.  My mom began to tell me that when she saw him, she knew he was meant for me.  I shared my experience with her.

Through out Track Season that year David and I hung out a little.  My Sophomore Year and His Senior Year, I called his house to invite him to “Tolo” last minute.  Took me until the last minute practically to get enough nerve to call his house.  I was taking a step past the friend line with someone I had hardly spent any time with in the last year, yet I felt like I have always known him.

My High School Sweet Heart and I…Goodness!  What we have put one another through due to having a doubt in our love for on another.  To stop loving him I feel is not possible.  No matter what we have been through, that love grows every day.  You think you couldn’t possibly love someone more…Yes, you can!

I, a 14 year old and he 16, this was terrifying to love that deeply at a young age.  We were meant to meet at that moment.  Terrifying to feel so much for someone you just met knowing that he feels the same, yet you wonder if he likes you…LOL!  Then after the friend line is crossed you doubt and begin to think, “What if he were to stop loving me?  What if he will stop wanting to be with me someday?”  My soul always knew otherwise, but my mind…Whew!  Long, long story.

Michelle Leinaala McGough

Do not doubt what your inner self is telling you.  You won’t steer Yourself wrong (: Trust in thy self!  Lol, Gut Feeling so to speak!

In March, it will have been 19 years to finally have no doubt in our love for one another.  We listen to our inner selves are saying and trust what is being said in every meeting of our eyes…The moment we found one another in March of 1992 was and still is unlike any other moment I have ever experienced, except one other 17 years later.

He and I after months of fighting more than loving…We had that moment and I realized that all the things that I wondered about way back when…Why do his eyes tell me differently from what his words are.  Well, we had a glimpse into the true self of one another.  We just weren’t quite there yet!  Too young to really understand how to handle such an Epic feeling.

I have a whole chapter of my book that is dedicated to him.  He will be the first to read it.  Words that he will read when he proof reads my first book…When he gets to his chapter (: Thinking about calling it, “My Knight in Shining Armor.”  What do you think?  Oh, I just thought of his Valentine’s Day Gift…Proofread his chapter!  Then the real present…Well, this can be left unsaid!

You are never alone because I believe that we are also entwined as one.  Each Twin Flame is a individual and unique vibration or signature with the two halves combined as one individual cell in God’s Heart.  Two streams of consciousness together as one are the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  With this being said, We are all entwined as one because you and your twin flame are a cell of God’s Heart as well as My Twin Flame and I are.  This would mean that every single one of us is a Son or Daughter of God…Every single one of us are Children of Light containing a Soul which is half of a cell of God’s Heart.

Can you coincide together without the need for control?  The men are no more important then the women and the women are no important then men.

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus?  LOL, we are all from the same place and are constantly being tested to see whether or not there can be a Balance…Battle Between Good and Evil…More like the “Battle of the Sexes.”  Those in the darkness searching desperately to fill the endless void with something…anything to help subside the pain that never seems to go away.  They are searching for something that was never lost.  It’s always be there within you.

September 27, 2010 is the day I will never forget…nor will our family!  The beginning of September began the start to a journey that could not be understood unless the two halves worked as a whole.  One unable to figure out the answer without the other.  Neither being able to understand why the other was able to know what they knew.

You have a Bond with Your Twin Flame if you know who they are or not.  Ever felt sad and didn’t know why?  Possibly because you are feeling what they are.  The more you clear your mind of trying to figure out and find…Just be!  To truly yourself, be positive and optimistic.  Do not dwell on trying to understand why things are the way that they are.  Focus on you and go about your life.  Eyeballing every one that passes by to see if you will come across them…Nope!  You are searching for something that will be when it is meant to.  Have faith that your Twin Flame will be revealed when you least expect it, happening when that is the last thing on your mind.

Through out your life with your Twin Flame, you will both do as you must being exactly who you are without any doubt in one another.  Easier said than done…Knowing that we are all the deciders of whether or not God will be with his Twin Flame is up to us.  I am determined to ensure that all that has been sacrificed for sooo long to ensure the every perspective is seen…

To be with my Twin Flame off and on in 19 years…while he’s been without for ???? Regardless of how hard times have been with one another butting heads…We have been part of figuring out whether or not it is possible by every set of Twin Flame as a collective of knowledge that will help God be together with his Twin Flame.

With all that David and I have put one another through, Regardless…I am a FIRM BELIEVER in LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL!  After going over the collection of knowledge to where David and I have proved to our selves and one another that we are Twin Flames.

The strength of love is an unbreakable bond!  There is no force greater… For there to be oneness, we must submit to each others differences.  Set aside who wears the pants.  You both do!  Each half being unique from the other with the collective knowledge together has the Key to Unlock the Universe which can only be found together as one.  Love isn’t something that you look for around every corner!  You will met your Twin Flame when you are meant to.  Until then, they are with you due to the connection that has always been between you.

Talk to yourself in your mind to your Twin Flame.  Send them love and that you look forward to when you are together.  They may be lost in the darkness, searching desperately.  Maybe having Faith in the Love for Whom is Destined for You is Needed!  You don’t have to know who they are or wonder if you love your other half because if you love yourself…You love your twin flame too!

For those Twin Flames who have found one another…Live, Love and Be Happy!  Live each day as if that is the last day will you ever spend with your mate.  Don’t fight about the little things.  You love one another and “Have Faith in the Strength of Your Love.”  Say, “I Love You” as often as possible.  I say it so much that the children leave the room saying “I Love You” instead of “Goodbye.”

Awww, the Holiday’s! Family, friends, fun festivities and food…Gotta Love the Assortment of food and treats the Holiday Season brings. Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, Treats and Relaxation has taken their toll; What next? DIET…EXERCISE? The last thing I want to do is exercise. I don’t have the time or the interest. Unfortunately, we must do something to keep ourselves healthy and in shape. I am “The Lazy Exerciser!” I have found a way to be lazy with exercising and it hardly seems like exercise. I do not have to set aside time to exercise either. I work and exercise at the same time.

There never seems to be enough time in a day to force ourselves with reluctant laziness to manage to fit in any form of exercise. Who has the time to pop in a tape to exercise to? When I managed to only designate two days in a month to watch and exercise along with the video, I knew there had to be a better way. Something realistic, feasible and of No Inconvenience at All! Being a Stay at Home Mom, Home Schooling our three children and a Business Owner while spending as much time as possible with my honey…Whew, EXERCISE? NOOOOOO, LOL! Not to mention the meals that must be prepared each day for a family of 5 that stays at home all day. You would think that I don’t need to exercise with all the walking around it do each day. Just isn’t enough to get a cardio workout though.

"THE Lazy Exerciser" Summer 2009

Years ago while watching one of my favorite movies, “Stealth” I saw the solution. Jessica Beal’s character at her desk with her laptop, listening to music while bouncing on an Exercise Ball. As the light bulb lite in my mind, I asked my honey if he could get me one the next time he went to town. The results are phenomenal with the ease of feeling like you aren’t even exercising.

How can you be “The Lazy Exerciser” too?

I realized how much time my behind spends in the uncomfortable chair parked in front of our desk. Ladies and Gentlemen, Purchase an EXERCISE BALL and push aside your computer chair! Whether you are sitting in front of your computer or watching television, I guarantee that the exercise ball will do more for you than any chair ever could. Simply sitting still on the ball has your muscles working. I truly believe that workplaces should have their employees sitting on exercise balls. Having employees walk on treadmills is a fabulous idea, though of course I like my idea better because it’s far less expensive.

As I mentioned, simply sitting on the ball…Humm, currently as I am sitting on my own exercise ball…I can feel the ab muscles are tight which is forcing me to keep my back straight while typing. My thigh muscles are tight as well. When you lightly bounce…Wow, my gluteus maximus, calves, abs and thighs…You begin to feel like a kid again. This feeling of youth brings about happiness with leads to you no longer even thinking about your muscles and how many have I done of this and that.

Happily bouncing…I am sure my honey chuckles to himself for I am certain that I ought to be laughed at. I would probably laugh if I saw a video tape of me on this ball in front of the computer ;p Regardless of how silly it may look, it matters not. This is how I became what I like to call, “The Lazy Exerciser.” This is going on my third year.

"THE Lazy Exerciser" Summer 2010

I realize that bouncing makes it difficult to type or read, lol! I can lightly bounce while typing and reading, though I am still unsure if this is best for my eyes. I would think that I am working my eye muscles this way, but is it good for your eyes? Huh? Anyway, if I am not bouncing the abs are being worked by movement from the waist, down. The same movement that you make while Hula Hooping or Hula Dancing. This whole time writing about being “The Lazy Exerciser,” I have had a light workout. Now, I will break away and bounce for a few minutes away from the desk as I ponder on what more to write on this subject.

While pondering and feeling like a school aged child, I must stress the importance of keeping your abs tight, back straight and keep your chin up (: In my younger days of youth, as a gymnast I managed to mess up my back. To not cause injury to your back, this is helpful advice that I use. The most important thing before any type of physical activity is to stretch. In gymnastics, we stretched for quite some time before engaging in the varies flips and twirls. These days, I stretch in the morning to be able to move through out the day. I use the ball to aid me in back bends to stretch my back, carefully.

Bounce when you browse and rest when you type. Just sitting on the ball works your muscles. For cardio, bounce lightly for 5 minutes. Whatever you feel comfortable with doing. You design your workout to best suit you. We can all exchange ideas and workout stories, lol!

PHENTABULOUS (Fhen-tab-u-lus)! A word that I created with the combination of the three words I used the most on Facebook: Phenomenal, Fabulous and Fantastic! Everyone should try this once! It may suit you! I look forward to reading about your experience with becoming “The Lazy Exerciser.”

Nutritional intake is as important to the body as exercise. Being active helps your body’s natural process to keep you running smoothly. I will slowly trickle out bits of chapters from my upcoming book. I will be sharing how our family of 5 survives living in the Middle of Nowhere in the Arizona Desert. This book will cover many different topics that are most important to me.

If you are on Facebook, look us up at: “The Lazy Exerciser”

Devoted and Dedicated to Helping Others (: Happy Holiday’s!

“Spreading the Aloha”

Born on the Big Island, I have been on the mainland since around 1985.  My love for Hawaii Nei has never left me and the Spirit of Aloha will forever be within.  This is in regards to realizing why I have not been able to bring my business creation to reality.  I have been going about it all…Well, on my own trying to contact Big Businesses to Partner with in order to ensure my business creation happens.  I realize that this would only taint the essence of what my business creation encompasses.  I have also realized that those who were meant to be have been here all along…You!  My Facebook Ohana…

Every fiber of this business contains the “Spirit of Aloha,” therefore must have a Solid Aloha Foundation.  The Aloha runs in my veins as well as yours.  To all who embrace Hawaii Nei and Our Planet Earth…I have come to the conclusion that I am not supposed to bare the weight entirely.  This is a Collective Act that I am unable to do without you.  I have researched and revamped endlessly how this business will function.  Unlike any other that has been done. I am seeking some of your precious time and requires non of your money.  I seek your thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.  I have gone as far as I possibly can with nearly every facet of this business, over and over and over again…this month has been my 8th month of obsessing over this becoming a reality for I feel the world is in dire need.

I dedicate my life to all who occupy this universe!  To be Truly Happy, I forever strive on to accomplish my goals and dreams for Humanity!  For as long as I can remember, I have always known that in life regardless of how badly things could be…Everything would be alright and I was meant to help those in need.  Need a smile?  If we were about to pass by one another and you looked sad or mad…anything besides happy…I would make sure to get your attention and give you a great big smile until you smiled back…Stranger…so what?!  I am addicted to the feeling of happiness!  I am even more addicted to seeing others being truly happy.  So much in this world hurts me to my core while others bring me to tears of joy.  Hook me up with some waterproof makeup because I can not hold back tears of joy!  Haven’t succeeded yet (:

Living in the Middle of Nowhere in the Arizona Desert with My Family for going on 8 years has been an experience… We have been on the outside looking in at the world via internet and satellite.  What we have endured together as a family spending 24/7 each and every day…Mistakes and Lessons Galore…After 8 years I am proud to say that we are all still alive and happy!  My first book will be based around these things.  What I have learned that can help others.

This business is my solution along with partners and those who are a part of “Spreading the  Aloha”…to?  Balance the Scales…Ease the pain in this World and Promote Happiness…True Happiness!

My intentions via this business include:

* Stimulating the Economy

* Employ the UnEmployed

* Data Entry Work From Home would be one of the first

* Promote Small Businesses

* Promote Entrepreneurs

* Promote the Ability of Ease in Endeavors

* Provide a Business that is Versatile, yet Simple

* Health Care?

* Connect Business Investors with Small Businesses in Need

* Enable Musicians to retain Independence

* Enable Authors to become Best Selling Authors by Self Publishing

* Together We Can Unite Our Efforts to Bring Peace on Earth

Listed is only a small portion of what I have in store.  I have a huge dream that is certainly impossible for one.  I have proven that.  I had battles with myself to overcome and I came out Victorious!  Much wiser, too!

What are your dreams?  What are your wants and needs in life?  I would like to be a part of your dreams being realized for this will ensure the realization on mine (: I won’t be happy until you are!  During Christmas while my dearest mommy is visiting…having her being able to fill in for me with the house and children enables me to have my time all day devoted to you.

Currently I am only able to afford a site with a 20 product limit…in the next week, I will be able to have 100 products.  The next step is Unlimited.  Regardless of what I am able to handle currently, my Christmas money is going towards this business and it’s website.  The catch….No Catch…All I need is a quick email stating who you are and the industry that you are in…doesn’t matter as long as it is of good intentions and I will not promote porn, ever!  Please include a quick bio of yourself and your business needs.  If you need a job, send me your resume.  If you are in need of employees, please let me know.

If you have business ideas…Whatever you have on your mind that you feel contributes to Humanity, I am here for you!  Together We Will Prevail…I am dedicated to your happiness for it is mine as well!

I appreciate your time during this holiday season!  I thank you for your help for help is always graciously appreciated!


Michelle Leinaala McGough
Senior Partner, Creator and Co Founder

The Balance

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Politics are the past…What Do You Feel is Right in Your Heart and Soul? It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from…Rich or Poor…We are ALL entwined in this world! Regardless…The actions of one always affects another…The question is…Can you live with the actions which you implemented which leads to…Cause and Effect…With every action there is always an equal reaction. The balance of good and evil should never be more than the other. BALANCE…Balance is what the universe is held together by…Sychronistic Ballet of Caos at all times that somehow maintains itself somehow…How? By the Balance of Anything and Everything…No matter what you do and for whatever reason… beknowst to you or not…All being entwined as one, What ever we do in our lives does affect those around you…Spoken by a Genius…Bob Marley…”Don’t Worry about a thing, cuz’ every little things….gonna be a right…

In closing…Who cares what anyone thinks of you….What matters is what you think about yourself! If you are right with yourself, you are right with the world! This is not a battle to see who will win…What would you win? This is a battle within ourselves that rages in all of us on theis Earth. You as do all of us, WE ALL have a purpose on this Earth…No one is less important than any other. Society doesn’t tell you who you are…your soul does…Sure we all have good and not so good…Balance…Different times call for different measures…and “The Times They are a Changing.” It time for us all to realize what’s really going on within ourselves…Do not feel as though you must carry the weight of the world upon your sholders as Atlas did and Hercules had. We All Carry a Load and the Burden for One Another, Together…Not separately segregated into clicks! Time to learn from another perspective…Other than our own…Just because you are not like me…so what! You are not wrong for being who you truly are, ever! You are a part of the balance that we all equally bare…TOGETHER..REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING!

I love myself for all my quirks and faults…Thankful to not be Perfect, for life would be…Ever So Dull!   Well…”No one is Perfect, lol!” Hehehe! Truly Quirky and Quirkily True am I…I naturally ignore everything besides the good in all things. I, pretty much oblivious to the other side like I said am in La La Land as Much as Possible! My life is a Fairy Tale because I believe in a Fairy Tale Life! The mind is quite a complex organ, but yet so simple…Human is Human. Human Nature is undeniable, yes! We are all created equal…We really are…It is up to us to decide who and what we are. No other has the right to decide for you who YOU are.

“How I Make Gravy”

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This is how I make gravy after all the gravy that I have ruined.  It’s a Learning Process, LOL!

No matter how much I love watching Alton Brown, I don’t have enough time to follow his technique.  Love Ya, Alton Brown…but this is what came from learning from him.  My oldest daughter and I have watched practically every single “Good Eats” together.


Anyway, back to gravy technique.  The water that was clean and clear at the bottom the the turkey pan, is now a tasty melding of flavors.  On the stove, this flavorful meld must be brought to a simmer.  I like to cool a cup or so of the turkey broth that was made from the neck in the refrigerator.  I do this because, lol…I learned that flour only mixes easily with cold liquid.  The moment it hits hot liquid, it clumps up.  The cold liquid also makes it so that you don’t have to sift the flour.  I really can’t give you exact measurements because I don’t measure.  I am guessing a cup of liquid to a half cup of flour.  I try to to use too much flour since I have made turkey gravy taste like nothing but flour.

I pour the cool liquid over the flour in a bowl a third of the liquid and mixing until all is incorporated.  Bring I slowly pour the liquid flour into the simmering flavorful meld while whisking.  Once I have mixed it all together and have the desired consistency, the stove is turned off and I get the baking soda.  Baking Soda?  Yes, baking soda.  The baking soda with just a dash will eat up the grease and leave your gravy creamy.  Again, just a dash because over doing the baking soda makes your gravy taste like baking soda.


Add salt and seasoning needed and your gravy is done.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Being that Our Family eats Turkey at least 10 times in a year, I thought I would share what I have learned after cooking @ 30 in the last 3 years. My family feels that I have Mastered the Art of Turkey, lol! Incorporated my own technique that began with my daddy’s.

Regardless the size of Turkey, I prepare them this way every time


Unwrapping the Turkey in the sink after I get the pot of water on the stove to boil and remove the parts tucked inside. The turkey neck is rinsed and placed in a smaller pot by the sink and the bag of goodies is emptied to cook separately for the dogs. After seriously washing my hands, I head for the Spice Rack to gather all that appeal to our taste buds. We love Mrs. Dash, garlic, onion, the bit of Rosemary, Poultry Seasoning and others. Depends on what you like. I sprinkle the selected seasoning into the Olive Oil in a bowl and mix it together with a fork to remove any clumping.

Once the Turkey has been washed with hot water from the sink, I then I get the Olive Oil Concoction. I use half of it to be distributed under the skin on the Turkey Breast. By this time, the water on the stove is boiling and ready for the next step. Carefully carrying the boiling hot water over to the sink, I slowly pour it over the turkey. This quickly sucks the skin up and looks in your flavoring. Make sure to flip it over and scald the skin underneath as well. The other half of the Olive Oil Concoction is then smeared all over the outside of the turkey. The Olive Oil Concoction can be butter, miricle whip or mayo. Depends on what you like. My daddy used to use miricle whip.

I found it better to not place the turkey directly on the bottom. I have a rack with little legs to keep it out of the water that I have in there. While the oven preheats, I begin to construct the Turkey Tent with aluminum foil. One of these days I need to remember to go online and find a handier cooking pan. My daddy thought me by using a large brown paper bag instead of foil. Not a fan of plastic roasting bags you get in a box. Super handy, but still have it ingrained in my head to not cook with plastic in the oven (: Put your turkey in the oven and cook as directed per the poundage.

For the last 30 minutes of cooking, I carefully remove the foil to give the skin a nice crisp and brown color. When the skin is nicely browned, I remove it from the oven to rest and redistribute it’s juices. I remove the rack and turkey onto the middle of the Turkey Foil Tent and enclose it around the turkey, leaving a steam vent at the top. If you cover it all up, the skin tends to soften up.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention what I do with the Turkey Neck…The turkey neck is boiled with garlic, onion, carrot and celery to make a turkey broth. This is used in place of water for the stuffing as well as the gravy. The turkey neck is cooled and feed to the dogs for their turkey dinner. The next note I write will be about how I make gravy. Please let me know if you have any questions (; Happy to Help Others Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving with Their Family! Helps that the men are taking care of Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner. Since I don’t have to do much cooking, I will write about it!

Happy Cooking!

Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving

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For the last three years, our family has had an Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving!

My honey does all of the grocery shopping for our family of five.  He found it to be very economical to buy turkey’s through out the year.  Typically he buys a turkey that is about 13 pounds.  I will prepare a Turkey Dinner at least once a month.  Not a full blown “Thanksgiving Dinner,” just the basics.

I actually look forward to cooking a turkey.  After preparing my turkey to put it in the oven, nothing really needs to be done until it is practically done.  The kids peel the potatoes and use our french fry making tool to cut them.  Throw them into the pot to boil and your mashed potatoes are on their way.  All that is really left to do is the vegetable and gravy.  The stuffing is optional.

I will write more in detail about the technique developed from cooking this so much, lol.  According to my family, I have cooking turkey’s mastered!  I will share this.

Anyway, the point of “Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving…”  By Thanksgiving, we are sooooo tired of Turkey!  Our dear friend whom we have adopted as “Grandpa Mac,” decided that we ought to have “Prime Rib cooked over Mesquite” instead.  Grandpa buys the meat if David (My Honey) uses his talent for cooking them sooooo deliciously.  I got my mouth watering!  This is why our family is Anti-Turkey for Thanksgiving (;
Not that I have got you thinking about Prime Rib instead of Turkey…I think I better write how I prepare a Turkey Dinner, lol!  I will post it here and on my Facebook with links to my Twitter (; Goodness!





"They Call Me, Slugger"


This morning my oldest daughter Chyrene and son Jared were talking about baseball.  Understanding my abilities as an ex-athlete;  Gymnastics, Wrestling, Volleyball, Track, Softball, Basketball and would have tried out for football if I didn’t love Volleyball so much.  My forte was being a natural at sports.  My son being the male version of me, I realize that he has this same quality.

Being that we home school our 3 children and live 60 miles down our desert dirt road, we are not part of any town functions or teams.  We teach a little bit of everything to find what is their passion and focus upon their dreams.  When it comes to sports…We have a wide range of sporting equipment as well as all our ski boat toys.  I have taught him gymnastics skills since he and I both have a natural balancing ability.

Jared’s passion is baseball!  His older sister, Chyrene is a great help as his pitcher.  Watching them reminds me of my softball experiences…I either “Hit a Home Run” or I “Struck Out.”  Those of you that remember me from Middle School and High School, I sure do miss sports with all of you!  I can see that my son has the same sort of “Hit or Miss Big” affliction.  Going to have him study the art of pitching to teach him how to anticipate what is coming and how to adjust.

Sports is much of strategy/fundamentals in mind as it is physical.  With as much running around here and being a boy, Jared has the physical part covered.  Though he has never played baseball with a team on the field, he is part of our 5 person team.  Teamwork is not a problem.  How a team works is part of the fundamentals of the game…What part you play and responsibilities.

I will also start giving him the opportunity to watch baseball games more often.  Things are rather tough with only one TV hook up to the box.  I discontinued there Direct TV from the living room about 5 years ago.  Too much of a distraction!  I can put together a DVD of a collection of games on our laptop.  That’s what I’ll do.

I truly love being able to home school our children, as do they!  The educational structure adapts to them, not the other way around.  All three of our children are unique in their own way while being one in the same.  They each have a different way their mind works too!  They are each handled in the way that works for them to encourage growth and learning.

My oldest daughter, “Our Rock” has always been beyond her years.  All I did with her was teach her the alphabet and she taught herself the rest by her first week of Kindergarten.  Chyrene even stood up to a 2nd grade bully picking on another Kindergartner by pointing out how unnecessary it was.  Home schooling is mandatory for this one.  Her reading comprehension has always been years ahead.  Math was a hardship until she mentioned that she does steps in her head.  When I allowed to do math the way that came naturally to her once having her read to glossary of the math book…Things are turning around.  The business economics in partaking in running our business will take care of the math mental blocks.  The Autodesk and Computer Programing will as well.  Math and Science go hand and hand.  The Science of things is of interest!

Each being talented in their own way, these are our focus points with each:

Chyrene – I am just her guide…She is independent and self taught!

I will never forget the Parent/Teacher Conference when she was in Kindergarten.  Her teacher mentioned to me that it was important for me to encourage her to draw, read and write after school.  I can imagine the look on my face…”HUH,” I said, “You have to encourage that?”  This being said because as soon as she walked in the door…Finally something that wasn’t completely healthy and sugary after school snack.  I was strict and still am about the children having anything that isn’t naturally sugar during schooling.  They have to be still for hours…Terrible combination that leads to a mis-diagnosis of ADHD.


She would step in the door and eat her after school snack while her creativity took to paper then later books, Every Day.  She has always be passionate about art.  Chyrene has a artistic skill that compare to college students of art.  This skill is now beginning to become creating these works of art on the computer.  This is the next step to achieving her goal.  Her Grandpa Francis is a phenomenal artist as well.  Me…not much of the artist…more of a writer, you think?  LOL (;


She can do math in her head, so teaching her how to help run a business is the only way to get her to want to do math.  Not too interested in numbers.  It being the key to everything…numbers…this is how we ensure that what must be done, will be.  She must not dislike having to deal with numbers.  This is mom’s tricky way of making the dislike for it become obsolete.  You know what it is useful for them.


The books at her supposed grade level, long since learned.  She has been reading adult level novels and comprehending since the age of 8, brainstorming/writing parts of her novel since the age of 10 and these days her video game as well.  Reading is a great passion of hers.  At one point in time with a lack in choice of books at the time, she was reading to books at a time due to the need to keep her reading entertaining enough…They were war stories…One was a Tom Clancy.  She is more into Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels.

Computer Science and Technology

She is a tech geek like me!  My right hand when it comes to our business in technical terms, lol!  In teaching her computer programing and autodesk leads to her passions all rolled into one.


She has always been passionate about music!  Our family was obsessed with “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” for nearly a year.  We didn’t play any other video game.  OBSESSED!  We had the guitar,s drums and microphones.  Actually, my mom has video of it.  Goodness (; Currently, Chyrene is teaching herself how to play one of the two Electric Guitars she got for Christmas last year.  Daddy and her bought one on-line on Friday while daddy’s mom on Monday bought her one too without realizing they were on the same wave length.  Too funny!  I love ironic!

Chyrene is my “Confidant” and a Mentor of Mine.  She is a phentabulous listener as well as a teacher.  This may seem very strange, but Chyrene has probably taught me more than I have taught her.  I wish we had a video camera recording our first couple years of transitioning from being in Public School from K-2 into “Home Schooled By Mom.”  This could be found in the Horror Section, LOL!  We saw a skit that “The Whitest Kids You Know” that had us rolling.  I mean, to the T…It was a replay of us…No doubt…These days I am able to laugh about it looking back.



He is sooo much like me.  Academics aren’t his strong suit though we love to learn and think.  His talents as well as mine are those that come naturally to us.  We are ruled by emotions, feelings of instinct and natural athleticism.  We are both Pisces.  He is the 4th McGough Generation Pisces, the 3rd of the Male McGough Pisces.  As his Great Grandpa, Grandpa and Mother, he is as well.  “My Mini Male Me”

David and I agree as parents that it is best that the trauma he puts his body through just being a boy each day is enough of a toll on his young and growing body.  Seeing his natural ability…Years from now…He’ll find himself on a baseball field amongst at team for the first time while the others have always been.  Sounds traumatic, yes!

No…Jared will be as if he had always been there with them.  Hopefully he doesn’t band himself up too much just being a boy beforehand…You are looking at the next generation of baseball.  With all of the materials (junk) that has been hauled out here in all the years…I think we have what is necessary to construct a Batting Cage.  Then someday we can invest in a pitching machine to take over for big sister having to pitch.  That way Chyrene can have a pitcher too!  I will make a point to involve myself more in their “Baseball Sessions in the Rocks.”  I need to pitch for her to give her the hit she desires…Definitely will mention the Batting Cage at Halloween tonight to the guys.

Yikes…Speaking of…Gotta Run…Halloween Party to get ready for!  Okay, a few sentences about Elizabeth first…


Our youngest daughter is the…Well, our very own Queen Elizabeth!  Miss Elizabeth is her preferred name.  I don’t mean that she is high and mighty all the time…She is certainly 7 years old going on to 30.  She is ready to be in charge!  I call her “My Little Mama!”  You know, the one that is standing next to mommy with her hand on her hip, shaking her finger at you saying, “Did you hear what mommy just said.”  Though the moments the Little Princess feels she is able to be the Queen Bee…The Queen Bee lovingly reminds her of all the responsibilities of the Queen and would be more than happy to step down as Queen.  This is always to be continued at another time!

Anyway, I have more to write about all 3 of them still…But, HALLOWEEN!

Mom is off to be…Mom?  Did plan a costume…Oh, I know…I will borrow my oldest daughter’s clothes and pretend that this 33 year old is a teenager again…I’m a Teenager for Halloween (; Will take pictures!  I’ll have Chyrene take some to so that there are pictures of me too!  I am always behind the camera.


“In All Honesty”

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Business

“A Little Bit of This and That”

“Is What I Is, Am What I Am”

This has been quite the past year in life!  Who am I?  What am I doing?

What is this all about?  WHO AM I?

“The Process Within”

The process has been nothing more than my mind flowing with ideas.  Hundreds of pages; Ideas, templates, notes, print outs, brainstorms, scribbles, calculations, goals, dreams, morals, values…So on!  Reviewing and lightly crossing out things in case they may be useful at some time or another.  Refusing to throw away any page that had anything written upon it.  Duplication, fine tuning and analyzing.  Reading, Researching and Remembering.

What is it all about?  Me, LOL!  NO…It’s about us all (; This has been an excursion through the depths of my being!  Sure, I could have decided to launch this business months ago when we had to funds to do so…Well, money isn’t everything!  The time wasn’t right…I was not right with myself, nor was I ready and able.  You will see me on National Television one of these days.

You must be one with yourself through honesty within yourself.  I will no longer coat my faults and quirks with a coating of denial.  I am not perfect, nor do I ever want to be.  PERFECTION IS WHAT I WILL EVER STRIVE TOWARDS!  There is always room for improvement.  There is always something to learn from each and every one of us.  Our children have taught me that a parent or teacher is also a student.

Yes, the process…This by far is the time that required the most attention.  If the business encompasses all that I am…The business will not contain my mysteries struggle within myself.  No…That had to be dealt with beforehand!  That…I had to be dealt with, amongst myself within myself while those closest to me had to bear to brunt of the realization of me.  Not some horrible monster…Yes, certain times of the month I am rather…Well, Difficult (;

The realization of my faults and quirts that I tried to keep hidden from myself.  Examples…Biggest was how critical I was of myself.  “Why be so hard on yourself,” crossed my mind many times.  Not that I didn’t love, care or respect myself…The not yet fulfilling the living what I know in my heart, mind and soul!  Frustration and uncertainty…Determination due to the force within that propels me towards the destination laid before me.

Another was the millions of unfinished projects all over the place.  All undone and in process.  Thanks to the help from my sweetheart and our children, I am finishing what I have started.  Things are not so cluttered in my mind!

The battle within that had raged on for 33 years came to and end when I made peace with myself.  When I stopped thinking that there were limitations to myself.  You are as limited as you constrain yourself to be…I boxed myself in to this image that was uncertain and doubtful…Of myself?  Yep!  Love thy self is not an act of selfishness.  When you are true and at peace within, you will shine brightly.  You will illuminate those around you whom illuminate you more.

Yes, I am a loving and loyal spouse as well as a home schooling mother of three…But who is this mysteries woman I see in the mirror every day?  This is a taste of that Journey…

I have been obsessed with business and office administration.  Love it!  Computers fascinate me.  My previous employments had once been assembly line work.  I made guitar cases, packaged Microsoft and Intel Software, hung up to 50 lbs. of steel on a paint line at a steel fab company, worked in office at the Evergreen Speedway for a week to name some of my past jobs.  Tired of being on my feet for 10 hours a day…I found administrative jobs.

I was always addicted to computers in school.  My job in high school was a  border brokerage.  I worked as an administrative assistant to the quality assurance manager/inspection at an aerospace company for a couple of years.  My favorite was my near $27,000 a year salary at the  pharmaceutical drug testing company quality assurance department.  A personal situation at the time caused me to have to leave the benefits and job I adored.  While on unemployment searching for a job, I also searched for home business opportunities.

Goodness, that is too long of a story for now…Another time!  Conclusion…Me being truly myself requires a passion in business that enables me to be quirky.  To be exactly who I am and succeed.  Not lies, nothing but honestly me!  Realizing my faults and weakness then enabling them to become a strength.  If you know a certain thing about yourself, ensure that there is another to complete the cycle.  Ask for help and you shall receive.

Anyway, here and now:  I know that the ideas that have come to be…Priceless!

I have come to some new and fabulous realizations recently.  A whole new level has opened up that had always been there…Just wasn’t ready to see it yet!  I am now…I see it (;  Clearly!  Just keeps getting better and better…The picture of the world in my mind becomes a truly happy place for everyone and everything.

In April of 2010, there was one thing that became clear.  In order to do and accomplish my goals and dreams, my Entrepreneurial Endeavor had to be of my own creation.  Simply because of the need to understand every aspect to focus all as one…Mind, Body and Soul!

I finally decided to approach my dear friend with the business idea that I had for us.  Having her consent to continue thinking upon the idea…Stubborn and determined…paper in front of me and pen in hand.  Think, Think, Think!  Reminds me of a childhood favorite…Winnie the Pooh thumping his finger upon his head…Think, Think, Think!

I will be honest about becoming obsessed.  Each day my mind was consumed by the flood of ideas.  Page after page of notes, scribblings and calculations.  Finally, a well oiled machine working as one with my heart and soul.  Still was having troubles with connecting the mouth with the mind though, lol!

I thought I could do it by myself.  No, this is not about me!  This is about every single one of us.  Entwined beings of this Beautiful and Majestic Earth!  The home we share together.  TOGETHER (;

“Establishing a Business was more of an Establishment of Myself.  Really stepping inside who you are while simultaneously stepping outside of yourself”  Quote Written by Michelle Leinaala McGough

Some Words of Wisdom to Others on the Entrepreneurial Road…

I do not know, I just feel.  You can say that I am a “Fly by the seat of my pants, gal.”  Maybe so.  I like to call myself, “I fly by the whims of my soul!”  As a Pisces…I am…Going in two separate directions until realizing…It was always the same direction all along!

Thank you for reading the Bloggings of My Mind!